Objectives of LABTQ

The association is a non profit organization and its name is LABTQ. Its registered office is located in Brussels, Avenue Palmerston 4.

Objectives of the association are

  • the enhancement of the accuracy of efficiency and emission measurements by or on behalf of its members in the field of energy using appliances

  • the, management, awarding, use and promotion of a qualification awarded to independent laboratoriess respecting an enhanced level of accuracy

  • the communication of common positions to relevant third parties

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    The members of LABTQ are independent laboratories active in the field of measuring efficiencies and emissions of energy using appliances:

    APPLUS (Spain), CATIM (Portugal), CETIAT (France), DGC (Denmark), DVGW-EBI (Germany), GAS.BE (Belgium), IGE (Germany), IMQ (Italy), INIG (Poland), KIWA ltd. (United Kingdom), KIWA (Netherlands), KIWA ITALIA (Italia), TÜV Rh Köln (Germany), TÜV Rh Italia (Italy)

    Avenue Palmerston 4
    1000 Brussels

    Phone : +32 / 2 / 383 02 60,
    Fax : +32 / 2 / 380 87 04
    Email: labtq